Bathroom Shower Trays


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Acrylic Shower Tray (With drain and stainless steel cover )

Bathroom Shower Trays

The shower tray is an essential and stylish component of every shower space, enabling proper drainage of waste water and ensuring optimum protection of the bathroom floor. At My Shower Door, you can find premium bathroom shower trays, designed to perfectly complement your décor. Opt for our shower tray and give a striking finish to your shower enclosure.

Benefits of Installing Bathroom Shower Trays

Say goodbye to water leakages with the high-quality bathroom shower trays! Adding a shower tray is not just about improving the look of your bathroom but also about being practical. The tilt of the tray manipulates the direction of water and ensures faster drainage. The bathroom shower tray provides additional customization options and prevents the need for extensive remodeling. Create a comfortable and non-slip surface area without making any alterations to your existing floor space.

Acrylic Shower Trays for Your Bathroom

The acrylic shower tray is the perfect choice for modern bathrooms owing to its lightweight, ease of installation, and durability. Strong and lightweight, My Shower Door’s shower tray is designed to provide a premium look to your bathroom. Cleaning and maintaining a bathroom shower tray is super easy. The great look combined with practicality makes them a preferred choice among homeowners. Install the acrylic shower tray in your high-traffic washrooms and forget about staining and cracking.

Get the best shower trays from My Shower Door and add a secure platform to your bathroom. Our acrylic shower tray can seamlessly integrate with your modern bathroom space and give it an upgraded look. The shower tray also comes with a stainless-steel cover to keep your space tidy and impress your guests.

Why My Shower Door?

At My Shower Door, we are committed to delivering high-quality and the best shower trays at competitive prices. We take pride in providing premier products to redefine and enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom. Our meticulously crafted bathroom shower tray can stand the test of time and offer optimum value to the customers. My Shower Door is the name you can always trust for the best shower trays!